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Wind energy
For human borders it is a never ending power and is the tractive effort for all renewable energy sources like wind power, solar energy biomass and water power.
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Wind is a resource that reduces the Import dependence and strengthens the regional economy.
25 years ago the first wind wheels are build no one notice them. They were less then 10 meter high and very rare. Today they grow up to 180 meter.

For thousands of years wind energy and water energy are the only source of energy for humans. Historian thinks that the first engines to use the wind energy are found in the orient. In 1700 B.C. Hammurabi should used wind wheels to irrigate the planes of Mesopotamia.
The Danish pioneer for wind wheels Paul la Cour produced energy and hydrogen with wind energy in 1897.
Renewable Energies are a present by the nature to us. We cannot better the nature but we can learn by here.
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